Susan J Marcus, LCSW, HHC
Therapy, counseling and coaching to help you to thrive

Greenwich, CT
(203) 531-3327

Move Your Life Forward
with Psychotherapy


There are times in life when what you have always done no longer feels like the best path to success or happiness. Psychotherapy helps you move forward in new, more satisfying ways. I have been in practice in Greenwich, CT for nearly 20 years. If you decide on psychotherapy we will work collaboratively in roughly 45 minute sessions.


My approach is to start by building on the strength and knowledge you already possess.  I then draw on the right process to assist you further:


• Sometimes acting as your coach to help you develop
new skills

- Enhance coping abilities

- Increase relaxation

- Improve communication


• Sometimes helping you identify behavior patterns that might not have been obvious, and no longer work to achieve your goals


• Sometimes assisting you to identify beliefs that shape the way you view the world


Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or to schedule an appointment.



Call Susan J Marcus at: 203.531.3327